Shopper Strategy and Insights

Since 2007, we have devoted considerable time and focus to the area of shopper strategy and insights, and have executed dozens of studies encompassing over 1,500 shop along interviews, focus groups and online interactions.

Our experience extends across a broad array of retail channels and classes of trade, and we are adept at identifying and understanding the factors along the path to purchase that create perceptions, influence behavior and drive decision-making.

When clients are endeavoring to understand how the retail environment influences perceptions, behavior and decision-making, there's no substitute for conducting research in that environment itself.  As such, we have conducted research around countless retail issues, including:
  • Path to purchase,
  • Section location and organization,
  • Product assortment,
  • Brand communication at retail,
  • Shelf impact of package design,
  • Promotion strategy and tactics,
  • Display and merchandising strategy and tactics,
  • Signage and shopper navigation,
  • Website usability.
Qualitative research can add insight and texture to quantitative studies of retail issues, such as:
  • Controlled store tests,
  • Shopper segmentation research,
  • Path-to-purchase studies,
  • Purchase decision hierarchy research,
  • Big data analytics. 
Conducting research in a retail environment can also be useful for
exploring higher-level marketing strategy issues, such as:
  • Brand positioning,
  • Brand equities,
  • Competitive frame of reference,
  • Portfolio management.
We have made use of a variety of technology-based tools to enhance shopper insights research,
including mobile devices, eye tracking and advanced videography techniques.

Among qualitative research practitioners, Tom Rich is a recognized authority on the conduct of shop along studies.

"Tom Rich is the ultimate resource for understanding shopper decision-making and motivation. In addition to employing state-of-the-industry technology, Tom applies his unique depth of experience and a real common sense perspective to achieving client goals. Anyone who has seen Tom conduct shopper insights research can attest to his deep intelligence and insightful nature."
Jill Lipton
Q10 Marketing